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Ningbo Hengji Technology Co., Ltd.


Hengji Technology is one of the earliest domestic enterprises engaged in the design, research and development, production, and sales of intelligent small home appliances. The company has always focused on the development of its main business and continuously improved its competitiveness. It has now become an important export manufacturing factory in China's small home appliance industry.

The company's export business is mainly carried out in the OEM/ODM model. From the perspective of the division of labor in the international small home appliance industry chain, overseas brands are mainly responsible for the sales services of small home appliance channels, while the product realization process, such as research and development, design, manufacturing, etc., is mainly completed by relevant domestic enterprises. As a leading enterprise in the industry, the company has accumulated years of OEM/ODM experience and formed a strong scale advantage, cultivating service capabilities such as product planning, industrial design, technological innovation, and rapid mass production, forming a strong comprehensive competitive advantage in products.


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